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General information about the sanatorium

State budgetary institution of the Moscow city health children’s Nephrology sanatorium No. 9 of the Moscow City Health Department «has been in operation since the year 1970.
The sanatorium 24-hour, year-round, can accommodate up to 150 beds. Course of sanatorium treatment received by patients with the diseases of organs of the urinary system, children often and at the age of:

  1. in the establishment from 3 to 7 years
  2. the branch with 8 to 14 years

In accordance with the order of the Health Department of the city of Moscow No. 1261 from 09.11.2012 " on the reorganization of State public health agencies of Moscow, «, with the purpose of optimization of lecheno-preventive process further improvement of the Organization and the quality of medical care to the children population of the city of Moscow to the GKUZ " children’s Nephrology sanatorium No. 9 DZM " GKUZ " has been attached to children’s Nephrology sanatorium No. 33 DZM, " as a separate division-the branch.
In accordance with the order of the Health Department of the city of Moscow No. 888 of 12.09.2013 g. " to optimize the quantity of public State health institutions of the city of Moscow children’s sanatoriums of Moscow " Department of Health approved the staff and structure of hospital bed Fund GKUZ DS No. 9 DZM (150 beds nephrologic).
In accordance with the order of the Health Department of the city of Moscow No. 9398 dated 09.11.2015 g. " On changing the type of the public State health institutions of the city of Moscow " changed the type of institutions to «DS GBUZ No. 9 DZM.
The main building of the sanatorium is intended for 80 beds, located at Moscow, Chernicynskij proezd, 6 (district of Golyanovo district, in the zone of the National Park «Losinnyj Island), in the 3-storey building with a total area-2157.3 sq.m. m. territory-0.9157 HA.
Branch building is designed for 70 beds, located at Moscow, Sapper proezd, 6 and (district Novogireevo, within the city limits), the 2-storey building with a total area-1813.3 sq.m. m. territory-0.92 hectares.
Cooking for children in therapeutic feeding kitchen sanatorium that consists of separate workshops: workshop for processing raw vegetables, shop for handling raw meat and fish, cooking workshops. Unit is equipped with modern equipment (vapor, potato peelings, graters, mixers, rubbing machines, cookers, water heaters, dishwashers, refrigerators, refrigerating cabinets, desks, shelves, Cookware, kettles, Rickers).

To conduct complex treatment and health-improving activities in GBUZ «DS № 9 DZM» and Branch operated the following subdivisions:

  1. Paediatric ward, which includes 7 children’s groups for children with diseases of the urinary system, as well as frequent and long-term ill, aged 3 to 14 years stay free of charge when accompanied by their parents.
  2. Physiotherapy room, where patients receive treatments, allows you to make extensive use of physiotherapy, as a method of treatment of microbe-inflammatory process in kidneys, to rescue foci of infection, neurogenic bladder dysfunction bubble. The Cabinet is equipped with: UHF-therapy, ULTRASOUND THERAPY-therapy, SMT-therapy, CMW-therapy, electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, darsonvalization, electrophoresis); apparatus for phototherapy (OUFnu " EMA-e «, ENT-1, lamp Bioptron Pro, BOP-4); devices for thermotherapy and inhalations (parafinonagrevatel " Cascade «, thermostat, ultrasonic inhalers-" fog-1.1 «, " " Albedo, nebulizers, oxygen koktejlery " NjuLajf «).

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